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Less Equal, Less Trusting? Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Effects of Income Inequality on Trust in U.S. States, 1973–2012

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Keeping up with the Joneses: How Households Fared in the Era of High Income Inequality and the Housing Price Bubble, 1999–2007

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Not a Lonely Crowd? Social Connectedness, Religious Service Attendance, and the Spiritual But Not Religious

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Reliability of the Core Items in the General Social Survey: Estimates from the Three-Wave Panels, 2006–2014

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Socioeconomic Variation in the Demographic Response to Economic Shocks in the United States: Evidence from the Great Recession

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Recession, Religion, and Happiness, 2006-2010

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Rethinking Religious Gender Differences: The Case of Elite Women

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Reliability and Stability Estimates for the GSS Core Items from the Three-wave Panels, 2006-2010

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