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Orestes P. Hastings

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  • Hastings, Orestes P. 2018. “Less Equal, Less Trusting? Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Effects of Income Inequality on Trust in U.S. States, 1973–2012.” Social Science Research 74:77-95.

    Details Journal Website SocArXiv Preprint

  • Schneider, Daniel, Orestes P. Hastings, and Joe LaBriola. 2018. “Income Inequality and Class Divides in Parental Investments.” American Sociological Review 83(3):475-507.

    Details PDF Journal Website SocArXiv preprint Supplement Data & Code Press

  • Fligstein, Neil, Orestes P. Hastings, and Adam Goldstein. 2017. “Keeping up with the Joneses: How Households Fared in the Era of High Income Inequality and the Housing Price Bubble, 1999–2007.” Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 3:1-15.

    Details PDF Journal Website

  • Schneider, Daniel and Orestes P. Hastings. 2017. “Income Inequality and Household Labor.” Social Forces 96(2):481-506.

    Details PDF Appendix Journal Website SocArXiv Preprint

  • Hastings, Orestes P. 2016. “Not a Lonely Crowd? Social Connectedness, Religious Service Attendance, and the Spiritual But Not Religious.” Social Science Research 57:63-79.

    Details PDF Journal Website

  • Hout, Michael and Orestes P. Hastings. 2016. “Reliability of the Core Items in the General Social Survey: Estimates from the Three-Wave Panels, 2006–2014.” Sociological Science 3:971-1002.

    Details PDF Journal Website

  • Schneider, Daniel and Orestes P. Hastings. 2015. “Socioeconomic Variation in the Demographic Response to Economic Shocks in the United States: Evidence from the Great Recession.” Demography 52(6):1893-1915.

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CSU Courses

  • Sociology 510: Sociological Methods I [Syllabus]
  • Sociology 311: Methods of Sociological Inquiry [Syllabus]
  • Sociology 210: Quantitative Sociological Analysis [Syllabus]

Previously at UC Berkeley…

  • Social Sciences D-Lab consultant and workshop instructor
  • Cal-ADAR program mentor
  • Graduate Student Instructor: Social Inequalities, Methods of Sociological Research B/C (2-semester graduate statistics sequence), Evaluation of Evidence
  • Reader: Virtual Communities and Social Media, Sport as a Social Institution, Sociology of Religion, Organizations and Social Institutions


I grew up near Austin, TX, and studied physics and math as an undergraduate at Rice University. My research interests then shifted from the natural world to the social, and I earned my PhD in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. I am now at Colorado State University where I do research and teach as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology.

Before graduate school my jobs included serving as a campus minister, tuning lasers at a national laboratory, and collecting shopping carts in a Home Depot parking lot. I am married to Michelle and we have two boys, Patterson and Gideon. I enjoy running (sometimes really, really far) and climbing (sport, trad, alpine… everything but bouldering). I sporadically document these adventures on Instagram and track them on Strava.