Orestes "Pat" Hastings

Pat Hastings

Hi, I'm Pat, a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Update (3/18/15): A paper with Danny Schneider about how the Great Recession affected marriage and non-marital fertility is an IRLE working paper (pdf). [The paper is now forthcoming at Demography. Email for most recent version]

Update (1/20/15): I've posted the materials from my recently taught Stata Intensive.

I am currently studying some of the effects of income inequality in the U.S. I am more generally interested in using surveys and administrative data to study inequality, culture, religion, and organizations.

To learn more about my current and past projects, visit my research page. Or you can read a bit more about me or some of my favorite resources.

If you're interested in talking about my work, or yours, get in touch!