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Orestes P. Hastings


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  • Hastings, Orestes P. and Joe LaBriola. 2023. “The Summer Parental Investment Gap? Socioeconomic Gaps in the Seasonality of Parental Expenditures and Time with School-age Children.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 87:100846

    Details Article SocArXiv Preprint

  • Bendeck, Shawna, and Orestes P. Hastings . 2023. “Linking Individual and Collective Social Capital: Operationalization, Association, and Sociodemographic Heterogeneity.” Sociological Spectrum 43(1):31-51

    Details Article SocArXiv Preprint

  • Hastings, Orestes P. 2022. “Parental Investments of Money for White, Black, and Hispanic Children in the United States.” Socius 8:1-2

    Details PDF Article Supplement

  • Hastings, Orestes P. and Daniel Schneider. 2021. “Family Structure and Inequalities in Parents’ Financial Investments in Children.” Journal of Marriage and Family 83(3):717-736.

    Details Article Supplement

  • Hastings, Orestes P. and Kassandra K. Roeser. 2020. “Happiness in Hard Times: Does Religion Buffer the Negative Effect of Unemployment on Happiness?” Social Forces 99(2):447-473.

    Details Article (free access) SocArXiv Preprint Supplement Data & Code

  • Hastings, Orestes P. 2019. “Who Feels It? Income Inequality, Relative Deprivation, and Financial Satisfaction in U.S. States, 1973–2012.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 60:1-15.

    Details Journal Website SocArXiv Preprint Press

  • Goldstein, Adam and Orestes P. Hastings. 2019. “Buying In: Positional Competition, Schools, Income Inequality, and Housing Consumption.” Sociological Science 6:416-445.

    Details PDF Journal Website Press


CSU Courses

  • Sociology 613: Seminar in Multiple Regression and Path Analysis (Graduate Statistics II) [Syllabus]
  • Sociology 511: Sociological Methods II (Graduate Statistics) [Syllabus]
  • Sociology 510: Sociological Methods I [Syllabus]
  • Sociology 314: Applications of Quantitative Research [Syllabus]
  • Sociology 311: Methods of Sociological Inquiry [Syllabus]
  • Sociology 210: The Power of Numbers–Statistics in Sociology [Syllabus]

Previously at UC Berkeley…

  • Social Sciences D-Lab consultant and workshop instructor
  • Cal-ADAR program mentor
  • Graduate Student Instructor: Social Inequalities, Methods of Sociological Research B/C (2-semester graduate statistics sequence), Evaluation of Evidence
  • Reader: Virtual Communities and Social Media, Sport as a Social Institution, Sociology of Religion, Organizations and Social Institutions

About Me

I grew up near Austin, TX, and then studied physics and math as an undergraduate at Rice University. My research interests shifted from the natural world to the social, and I earned my PhD in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. I am now at Colorado State University where I do research and teach as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. I am a husband to Michelle and dad to three boys. Whenever possible, I enjoy running (sometimes really, really far), climbing, biking, and skiing. I sporadically document these adventures on Instagram and Strava.